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Working with Indigenous Consultants

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Many local governments seek the support and expertise of Indigenous consultants with the hopes of engaging Indigenous communities. Still, there are key considerations that local governments need to know to have meaningful collaboration.

Join host and consultant Andrea Reimer as she sits with Rose LeMay, a facilitator and trainer in cultural competence and anti-racism, for a discussion on what you need to consider when working with Indigenous consultants

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Each session is full of valuable tools, tips, and resources to help you scale your community engagement and climate action practices. And of course, we record every second of it for you to watch at your leisure. 

Webinar 29-3

Collaboration Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities

From establishing Vancouver as the world’s first City of Reconciliation, to promoting green energy and entrepreneurship in Indigenous communities, our speakers shared tips based on their real-life experiences.

Webinar Tempate (2)

Engagement Best Practices for indigenous communities, by indigenous communities

Learn how Indigenous communities are leading the way in the climate space and in meaningful, equitable community engagement.


Community Engagement Opportunities in 2022: Lessons from the pandemic

In 2022, local governments and engagement experts are facing a new challenge: how to keep communities engaged while having -even more- limited time and resources?



Webinar 27 (2)

Practical Lessons From The Frontlines Of The Climate Emergency

Hear inspiring success stories and practical public engagement tips for moving forward, or even starting, your own community climate action plan. 

Haíɫzaqv Clean Energy Plan Webinar Speakers

Haíɫzaqv Clean Energy Plan:
Online Community Engagement for First Nations Communities

Learn how Haíłzaqv is using the Carbon Budget platform and other tools to engage its community members, and see how you can move your projects forward too.

Webinar speaker photos

Budget Engagements In A Hybrid World

How do you educate and engage residents in a way that brings them together in difficult times? You’ll get the when, why and how for having these difficult conversations from our community engagement experts, and come away knowing how to make the most of the results.



BBB_ What Do Canadians Want To See_ - Webinar Posts

Building Back Better: Meeting the Needs of Canadian Cities

Against the backdrop of the 'Help Canada Build Back Better' engagement, we discussed how Canadian cities can make sure that their needs are being heard by the federal government.

Data Webinar Posts (1)

How to Harness the Power of Data: Techniques for Local Governments

What does it mean to be a data-driven city government? Learn how can local governments utilize their data to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Rethinking Police Budgets - Webinar Posts copy

Practical Approaches to Rethinking Police Budgets

Guests from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and Results for America explore a new budgeting framework for re-allocating police budgeting resources.



BBB Webinar (1)

What does a Build Back Better Budget mean for Canadian cities?

As Canada's 2021 federal budget draws nearer, billions of dollars have been set aside for what hopes to be a robust and resilient pandemic recovery. What will this look like for local governments and their communities?

Climate Communications - Webinar Posts-Jan-22-2021-12-51-58-47-AM

Effective Communications for Climate Action

Learn why climate communications is so important for translating concern into action. Discover how targeted, strategic communications can mobilize your community & help build their support for climate policies and plans.

Webinar - Community Engagement Lessons-2

2020 Review: Lessons Learned in Community Engagement to Help You Succeed in 2021

Five local government leaders across Canada and the United States and three engagement experts share the lessons they learned in 2020 and what community engagement trends they foresee staying prominent into 2021.



Climate SAFE cities - Webinar Posts (2)

Climate SAFE Cities: The Movement for Fossil Fuel Free Communities

Hear from inspiring local government leaders in the United States and Canada who are using local rule-making to move away from oil and gas expansion and to chart a path forward to community health and safety, a just transition to renewable energy, and livable, resilient cities.

Democracy XChange - Feature Image (1)

Holy Climate Action, Batman! Building consensus in Gotham City

See how Ethelo and eDemocracy Solutions (and Batman!) looked at how online democracy technology can help align communities, and empower them to make better decisions, together. Watch this fun and educational session for both community members and local governments.

Webinar - What Councillors Want

What Councillors Want: Top tips for effective budget presentations to council

It’s a tough year to build a budget, and staff presentations to Council can make or break a budget proposal. How can you make sure your presentation really lands? - Get tips, best practices, and lessons learned from former senior government staff & elected officials



Copy of Police Webinar-1

Police Budget Reallocation, Part II

Policing is a big issue for local governments from coast to coast to coast. In this second session on police budget reallocation, we dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities created around local conversations pertaining to race, equity, and police reform.

Salt Spring Case Study Webinar

Climate Engagement Amidst Pandemic

Climate Engagement Experts will discuss how Salt Spring Island meaningfully consulted a representative example of their community to inform an achievable Climate Action Plan with overwhelming public support, in the midst of a pandemic.

The Case for a Green Recovery

The Case For a Green Recovery

Professor Cameron Hepburn, Director of the Smith School of Environment & Enterprise, University of Oxford, walks us through a recent study examining the economics of Green Recovery, followed by a discussion with Tzeporah Berman (climate expert) and Gregor Robertson (Global ambassador of Mayors4Climate). 



Copy of Police Webinar

Police Budget Reallocation, Part I

Across the country, there is a growing call for local governments to reevaluate the size of police budgets and the scope of policing. In this webinar, host Andrea Reimer leads a discussion with elected leaders across Canada to discuss challenges, options and strategies for local governments.

Squamish 101 Webinar

Squamish 101

Learn more about the Squamish Nation and how local governments can better work with indigenous communities.  

How to keep your climate action plans on track throughout COVID

How to keep your climate action plan on track throughout COVID

Local government and climate action leaders discuss the impact that lockdowns have had on municipal climate action, and explore the opportunities to move forward as cities begin to reopen.


Copy of Webinar 8 Image FB

Bridging the Digital Divide During Physical Distancing

This session provides tips around legal requirements for online engagement and explores ways to engage the public through online and offline channels, while keeping everyone safe at home.

Adapt your municipality's budget in a time of crisis

Adapting your municipality's budget in a time of crisis

Government and engagement experts discuss stakeholder and public engagement practices to help local governments make more informed, better budgeting decisions to build stronger communities.

Webinar 7 Image FB

How engagement consultants used Ethelo for meaningful online engagement

(and won two major awards)

See a walk-through of the project that received the CPRS Gold Prize for Digital Campaign of the Year and the IAP2 Canadian Core Values Award. 


Effective Grant Writing 101

Effective Grant Writing 101

 Our special guest and funding expert, Andrew Kemp shares 11 tips for local governments to effectively and efficiently access government funding programs.


Democracy in a time of Physical Distancing

Learn from some of the leading thinkers of engagement in Canada about the values and principles that should guide the development and use of democracy tools in the social distancing era.

Webinar 5 Image FB

Practical lessons: How online engagement can strengthen your community planning process

In this question and answer, we discussed some of the Town of Okotoks's first-hand experiences using engagement technology for a variety of planning purposes.



The Climate Caucus Three-Step Climate Action Plan for Local GovernmentsThursday January 23, 12_00 PM PST_ 3_00 PM EST (3)

The Climate Caucus Three-Step Climate Action Plan for Local Governments

Discover the 3 steps to take local climate action by using the Municipal Climate Action Kit and how online engagement tools help accomplish climate goals.

Three Powerful Solutions to Achieve Budget Consensus

Three Powerful Solutions to Achieve Budget Consensus

Learn about three online tools that are helping local governments align internal stakeholders and engage the public to develop highly-supported budget plans and build healthier, stronger communities.

Top Ten Questions About Carbon Budgets and Public Engagement

Top Ten Questions About Carbon Budgets and Public Engagement

Learn how local governments, community members and community groups can do more to help make change happen faster and more effectively through public engagement.

Paul Butterfield

"Very informative webinar, I really appreciated the clarity they brought to the subject. I'm looking forward to seeing what they cover next."

Paul Butterfield

Engineering technologist,

District of Sooke

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