Climate SAFE Cities: The Movement for Fossil Fuel Free Communities

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Hear from inspiring local government leaders in the United States and Canada who are using local rule-making to move away from oil and gas expansion and to chart a path forward to community health and safety, a just transition to renewable energy, and livable, resilient cities.

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  • Explore policies that have been successfully implemented by cities and other local governments.
  • Hear success stories from people and places leading the way.
  • Learn about resources for building support in your community and addressing industry opposition.
  • Access tools and connections for local government leaders and grassroots organizers who are looking for policy, legal, and organizing support.

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Meet Our Guests


Daniel Lee, City Councilor in Culver City, California  

Daniel is a first-term City Councilor in Culver City, where he has lived for over 15 years. In his work as a Councilor, Daniel builds on his experience as a progressive community activist in media, education, environment, and political reform.  

Megan Curren

Megan Curren, Councillor for the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia

Megan is a first-term Councillor for the District of North Vancouver, which is on the unceded lands of the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. Megan is an environmental champion, a small business owner, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Climate Caucus.


Alex Ramel, Climate Policy Advisor at SAFE Cities

Alex has been with Stand since 2015. Alex's career has focused on helping local communities take action to build sustainable futures, including creating one of the most successful community energy efficiency campaigns in the United States. 

Ben West

Ben West

Ben is the Executive Director of eDemocracy Solutions and co-director of the eDemocracy Carbon Budget project. He is a leader in the climate space in Canada with over 20 years of experience in strategic communications and public engagement.

Meet Our Host

Andrea Reimer-1

Andrea Reimer

Andrea Reimer spent four terms in local government including 10 years as the lead on public engagement on Vancouver City Council, where she also served as Deputy Mayor and Chair of Policy and Strategic Priorities. She recently completed a fellowship at Harvard in recognition of this work and is currently teaching about power, policy and engagement at UBC and SFU in Vancouver, Canada.


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About SAFE Cities

SAFE Cities is a growing movement of cities, counties and other communities passing local laws to stop new fossil fuel projects, protect communities, and address the climate crisis.

SAFE Cities is a project of, an environmental advocacy organization that challenges corporations, industries, and governments to prioritize the well-being of people, our environment, and our climate by creating long-term, effective solutions. 



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