2020 Review: Lessons Learned in Community Engagement to help you Succeed in 2021

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2020 was tough to say the least. As we start 2021, we're taking the opportunity to review our biggest lessons learned, to consider what new engagement tactics were pioneered amid the pandemic, and to reflect upon what didn't work, and what's here to stay. With all of this in mind, we invite you to learn from all of our 2020 experiences - brilliance and blunders alike. 

In this session, host Andrea Reimer was joined by five local government leaders across Canada and the United States, along with two engagement experts who shared the lessons they learned in 2020 and what community engagement trends they foresee staying prominent into 2021.

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  • Learn from the perspectives, challenges and triumphs of local government leaders and engagement experts 
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Meet Our Guests


Rebecca Alty

Rebecca is the Mayor of Yellowknife. She has served as a City Councillor for the past six years, in addition to acting as the Manager of Communications and Community Relations for the Diavik Diamond Mine. Prior to joining Diavik, she worked for the Government of the Northwest Territories and in the not-for-profit sector with a focus on communications and community engagement.


Christine Boyle 

Councillor Christine Boyle was elected to Vancouver City Council with OneCity Vancouver in 2018. Christine is a community organizer, climate justice activist, and United Church Minister, born and raised on unceded Coast Salish territory in Vancouver, BC. She is passionate about tackling inequality, contributing to climate solutions, and deepening democratic engagement.

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam

Kristyn Wong-Tam 

Kristyn Wong-Tam is a councillor in the City of Toronto. Her contributions have led to the development of numerous social planning programs, business ventures, art endeavours and successful community initiatives. She has championed for the expansion of green public spaces, farmers’ markets, and community gardens. She has also led efforts to defend the rights of tenants to obtain affordable standards of rental housing and helped create a neighbourhood association to preserve heritage buildings and historical landscapes in the ward. 


Daniel Lee 

Daniel is a first-term City Councilor in Culver City, where he has lived for over 15 years. In his work as a Councilor, Daniel builds on his experience as a progressive community activist in media, education, environment, and political reform.  

Webinar 6 Speakers

Peter McLeod

Peter is the co-founder and principal of Mass LBP, and one of Canada's leading experts in public engagement and deliberative democracy. Under his leadership, Mass LBP has led some of Canada's most original and ambitious engagement efforts, pioneering the use of Civic Lotteries and Citizen Reference Panels on behalf of a wide array of clients.

John Richardson

John Richardson

John is the founder and CEO of Ethelo, and has worked to support local governments and public agencies in a broad variety of public engagement processes across Canada. John invented the Ethelo algorithms, which enable groups to find broadly supported solutions to complex and contentious decision problems. Previous to Ethelo, He founded and was the Executive Director of Pivot Legal Society, one of Canada's leading human rights organizations. 

Meet Our Host

Andrea Reimer-1

Andrea Reimer

Andrea Reimer spent four terms in local government including 10 years as the lead on public engagement on Vancouver City Council, where she also served as Deputy Mayor and Chair of Policy and Strategic Priorities. She recently completed a fellowship at Harvard in recognition of this work and is currently teaching about power, policy and engagement at UBC and SFU in Vancouver, Canada.


What is Ethelo?

Ethelo is an online platform that empowers groups to collaborate on decisions. Ethelo helps communities focus collective intelligence to reach the best decisions quickly and fairly.

Ethelo's unique technology enables groups to analyze millions of decision possibilities, producing smart results that everyone can support. Ethelo enables organizations to break the ceiling on the maximum size of effective groups, scaling group intelligence with group size.

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