What Councillors Want: Top Tips for Effective Budget Presentations to Council

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It’s a tough year to build a budget, and staff presentations to Council can make or break a budget proposal. How can you make sure your presentation really lands?

Join Andrea Reimer and guests for a practical discussion on how local government staff can create more focused, impactful budget presentations that meet their Council's priority and goals.


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  • Learn how to communicate your budget (or any) proposal more effectively, especially in a virtual environment 
  • 12+ actionable tips, best practices, and 10+ resources from former senior government staff & elected officials

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Meet Our Guests

Jeana Dunlap

Jeana Dunlap

Jeana Dunlap has engaged with public and private interests to direct multimillion dollar federal initiatives supporting community development, sustainability, and historic preservation since 2004. She served as director of Louisville Metro Government’s Office of Redevelopment Strategies. Dunlap was recently awarded a 2019 Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and most recently served as policy advisor for the Office of Resilience and Community Services in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kevin Quinlan

Kevin Quinlan

Kevin Quinlan served ten years in the Office of the Mayor at the City of Vancouver, including as Chief of Staff for Mayor Gregor Robertson from 2016-2018. As Chief of Staff, he was involved in the introduction of North America's first empty homes tax; the Renewable City Strategy, which outlines how Vancouver will transition off off fossil fuels by 2050; and securing the financial and policy support enabling the Broadway Subway. He has a keen interest in affordable housing, infrastructure, and environmental public policy. Kevin has a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and a Master's of Urban Studies from Simon Fraser University.

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Matt Harder

Matt Harder is founder of Civic Trust, a consultancy and tech provider that focuses on Participatory Budgeting (PB). In 2019-2020, Civic Trust helped Atlanta's city council district 2 pilot the city's first PB, allocating $1m to seventeen local projects, designed by and voted on by Atlanta's residents. Matt also headed up voting for New York city's PB for two cycles. It is the biggest in the hemisphere with over 100,000 voters in 16 languages

Meet Our Host

Andrea Reimer-1

Andrea Reimer

Andrea Reimer spent four terms in local government including 10 years as the lead on public engagement on Vancouver City Council, where she also served as Deputy Mayor and Chair of Policy and Strategic Priorities. She recently completed a fellowship at Harvard in recognition of this work and is currently teaching about power, policy and engagement at UBC and SFU in Vancouver, Canada.


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