Effective Grant Writing 101

In this session, you'll learn how local governments can effectively and efficiently access government funding programs.

Join us to get:

  • Tips and tricks for accessing funds for your project or process
  • Lessons learned from seeing what has and hasn't worked over the years
  • Learn how to write better proposals in less time.

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Meet our Guest 

Andrew Kemp

Andrew Kemp

Andrew is an Economic Development leader with a demonstrated history of working in the Government Relations industry. He has worked for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for several years, funding the leading municipal infrastructure initiatives across Canada. 

Meet the hosts

Ben West

Ben West

Ben is the Executive Director of eDemocracy Solutions and co-director of the eDemocracy Carbon Budget project. He is a leader in the climate space in Canada with over 20 years of experience in strategic communications and public engagement.

Meagan Blandizzi

Meagan Blandizzi

Meagan is a Local Government Liaison at eDemocracy Solutions, and spends her days connecting with communities across Canada. She loves discussing challenges, and problem solving with municipal representatives as they work towards their GHG reduction goals, and strive to create more livable, sustainable, and engaged communities.

Andrea De Ascó

Andrea De Asco

Andrea leads Communications and Outreach at eDemocracy Solutions. She is devoted to using digital tools to reach out to people to create awareness and motivate them to take action to solve some of our world's biggest issues, such as climate change.

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What is the eDemocracy Carbon Budget?

Ethelo’s eDemocracy Carbon Budget platform is a comprehensive engagement and planning solution for communities to plan how they will reach their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.

Our goal is to provide a decision making process that helps to nurture and cultivate the social license that makes meaningful climate action possible

Why you should attend


Learn from an expert

Learn about impactful grant opportunities that could help finance your community's next big project


Get tips and best practices

What makes and breaks a grant proposal? - stop wasting staff time, and write outstanding applications the first time


Discover new tactics

Hear about effective new tactics for raising funds within your community, so that you can invest in its future

Join the conversation

And get all your questions answered  in real-time.


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