How to Harness the Power of Data: Techniques for Local Governments

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What does it mean to be a data-driven city government? How can local governments utilize their data to improve efficiency and effectiveness?

In this Webinar, you'll get answers from David Eaves, expert in information technology & government with the Harvard Kennedy School, and Nicolas Diaz Amigo, Chief Innovation & Data Officer for the City of Syracuse, NY.

Why join?

  • Hear success stories from local governments who are innovating with data and incorporating it into their operations
  • Learn about the skillsets, tactics and attitudes that you need to implement these ideas successfully
  • Be part of a larger discussion on ongoing challenges like data privacy, inter-governmental data sharing, and shifting the culture around data.
  • Discover how to analyze public engagement data to make better community-informed decisions. 


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Meet Our Guests


David Eaves

David Eaves, Harvard Kennedy School 

David Eaves is a public policy entrepreneur and expert in information technology and government. David has advised the Canadian government on its open data strategy where his parliamentary committee testimony laid out the core policy structure that has guided multiple governments approach to the issue.

In addition to working with government officials, David served as the first Director of Education for Code for America — training each cohort of fellows for their work with cities. David has also worked with 18F and the Presidential Innovation Fellows at the White House providing training and support.

In 2018, he was named one of 20 most influential on Apolitical’s "World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government."

Nicolas Diaz Amigo

Nicolas Diaz Amigo, City of Syracuse NY

Nicolas is a public sector entrepreneur who prior to that worked for and advised city governments across several countries to help them innovate and incorporate data in their operations and decision-making. As the Chief Innovation & Data Officer for the City of Syracuse, NY, Nicolas leads a team of innovators, data-analytics experts, and change makers to improve internal processes and deliver better services to citizens. He is also in charge of building and implementing a long-term strategy for data infrastructure, data governance and data analytics at Syracuse.


Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith

Meet Our Host

Andrea Reimer-1

Andrea Reimer

Andrea Reimer spent four terms in local government including 10 years as the lead on public engagement on Vancouver City Council, where she also served as Deputy Mayor and Chair of Policy and Strategic Priorities. She recently completed a fellowship at Harvard in recognition of this work and is currently teaching about power, policy and engagement at UBC and SFU in Vancouver, Canada.


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