Holy Climate Action, Batman!

Building Consensus through eDemocracy in Gotham City 

Thursday, October 22nd at 11a PDT / 2p EDT / 6p UTC

Duration: 1 hour           Cost: Free

Come with Ethelo and eDemocracy Solutions (and Batman!) to look at how online democracy technology can help align communities, and empower them to make better decisions, together.

We’ll take you through an online public engagement to design a municipal climate plan using Ethelo’s unique algorithm. We will demonstrate how climate plans and other big government decisions such as budgets can be created in a way that not only involves a broad spectrum of society (including traditionally underrepresented groups), but can be used as a tool to educate, inform, and get unified public support on important policy decisions. So set up your Batsignal and let’s save democracy together.

Why Join?

  • Learn about eDemocracy, the Ethelo platform, and local climate action in a welcoming and interactive setting
  • Discover the latest tools and technology for building an equitable approach to democracy
  • Explore opportunities to get involved and be part of the evolution towards better democracy

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Meet Our Hosts

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Sabrina Bowman

Sabrina graduated from Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and has spent over a decade working in the not-for-profit sector on environment, climate change, politics, and international health in Ottawa, San Francisco, and Toronto. She has been a campaigner, organizer, outreach director and executive director. Sabrina is a trainer at the Institute for Change Leaders and she co-organized the 2014 and 2017 Canroots organizing conferences in Toronto. Sabrina volunteers at a do-it-yourself bike shop and has sat on several boards. In her spare time, she enjoys getting around by bike, hiking and swimming at the family cottage near Algonquin Park.

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Meagan Blandizzi

Meagan is the Local Government Liaison at eDemocracy Solutions, and an all-around communications nerd. She’s extremely passionate about equitable community engagement, clear, facts-based education surrounding voter issues, and the inclusion of traditionally under-represented voices in all community decisions. When not rallying for a better approach to democracy, Meagan can be found hanging out with other peoples’ dogs, fussing over her vegetable garden, or under a blanket in her Oshawa home with her nose buried in a good piece of fiction.

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What is eDemocracy Solutions?

eDemocracy Solutions is the founding nonprofit organization which gave rise to Ethelo Decisions. Our mandate is to empower citizens to solve society's hardest problems using eDemocracy technology, and we have been experimenting with public engagements using online democracy tools since 2012. 

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