How to Harness the Power of Data:
Techniques for Local Governments

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Webinar Summary 

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 3:49 - Andrea Reimer introduces the Webinar panellists, Nicolas Diaz Amigo and David Eaves. 
 5:35 - Nico shares case studies outlining what it means and what it takes to be data-driven, and current challenges.
18:48 - David discusses the movement of data collection from being primarily paper-based to a digital format, and the capabilities this opens up for local governments. 
25:06 - Nico adds to David's points, with insight into the direction that data is headed for local governments. 
31:10 - Nico shares an overview of different analytical project types related to helpful data uses for cities. 
37:55 - David talks about the role of data for increasing government transparency and accountability.
42:51 - What does it take to be data-driven?
48:21 - Nico walks through his ‘three legged’ mental map for thinking about how data fits into a city’s operations and processes. 
50:54 - What are the principles of being an effective analytics team? 
51:53 - What is Nico and David’s advice for the first steps governments can take to be more data-driven? 
56:06 - For David, using your data is a ‘big identity question’ because it involves defining with stakeholders what concepts like ‘parks’ are or aren’t. 
57:23 - Nico gives his last bit of advice for how to get started on data: "don't get discouraged".
57:49 - House-keeping to wrap up the Webinar. 

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