Practical Lessons from the Frontlines of the Climate Emergency


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Webinar Summary 

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7:41 - Host Andrea Reimer introduces webinar guest, Kim Neale, to discuss her role as Climate Change Coordinator for the Municipality of Central Manitoulin and the Township of Billings. 

19:36 - Kim discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic shifted community engagement from in-person to online, and how they adapted their outreach plans to accommodate this shift. 

22:59 - Andrea brings in Ben West to talk about other public engagements he has been involved in and key lessons he has learned in the last year.

26:15 - Ben shares a slide deck on how to reach beyond the “usual suspects” with community engagement. “I find that local climate engagement is a great way to meet people where they're at … identify points of friction and really make an engagement matter to [community members]. I think that's actually where a lot of these processes fall down is that they are focused on what matters to the city, not necessarily what matters to a community member.”

31:08 - Ben outlines what works and what doesn’t for community outreach, comparing different versions of posters and images, and explaining which are likely to be more effective in bringing in participants. 

47:20 - Ben walks webinar participants through the Ethelo platform and how it works. “You’re creating your ideal plan as an individual, this is an opportunity for an individual to try to reach a greenhouse gas reduction target, and also do it within what’s considered feasible.”

53:28 - Kim discusses how this engagement process was a “litmus test” for determining how ambitious of a greenhouse gas reduction target the municipalities should set, providing insight into what the community would agree with and support. 

56:01 - Kim and Ben outline next steps for people interested in getting started in local-level community engagement. “It’s taking a moment to take a step back and really get a sense of where the low-hanging fruit is in your community, like what strategy would have the biggest impact and the broadest support that might be able to help build momentum." 


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