The Case for a Green Recovery: 
Connecting Global Efforts to the
Ground Level in Towns & Cities


eDemocracy Webinar Series - Social

Webinar Summary

0:00 - Housekeeping items and introduction to host Tzeporah Berman. 
2:52 - Tzeporah introduces the eDemocracy Webinar series and the context of speaking about a Green Recovery. Introduction to speaker Cameron Hepburn. 
7:48 - Cameron walks through University of Oxford's recent paper which concluded that green strategies were the most economically-efficient way to recover from the pandemic. He also outlines Five Lessons for Climate Policy from COVID-19.
19:26 - Tzeporah introduces Gregor Robertson. Gregor outlines the realities that mayors around the world are facing with fossil fuel lobbying, but also the silver linings that could help cities re-engineer moving forward. 
Cities stand ready to connect the dots and make the changes on the ground. The big challenge is going to be making sure the national governments follow through.
29:08 - Tzeporah speaks briefly about SAFE - the Stand Against Fossil Fuel Expansion movement. 
35:02 - Gregor and Cameron answer, Given the limited powers of local governments, what are you seeing that’s working at a city level? They touch upon investing in transportation, ensuring a just transition, and calling for advocacy and leadership from national governments. 
42:41 - How do Gregor and Cameron envision the role of indigenous communities in designing and implementing a green recovery at the local level?
48:37 - Tzeporah speaks about a new policy tracker that shows how much COVID stimulus has gone towards pro-fossil fuel policies and projects, rather than green projects. 
49:22 - Gregor and Cameron speak about their suggestions for how municipalities can encourage green growth strategies for businesses. 
"What I think is really helpful for municipalities and for business in general is asking the question, what is your plan to be profitable in a world where there are no net emissions of CO2? How does that affect you and your business and your industry? Does it create threats? Does it create opportunities? Because that's where we're going." - Cameron Hepburn 
53:52 - Gregor answers, how is COVID impacting the goals of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate Change? What is the Global Covenant doing to support local governments on the green recovery? 
57:07 - Tzeporah asks Cameron, how do we stimulate a green recovery in rural settings? 
59:42 - Tzeporah signs off the Webinar. 

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