Holy Climate Action, Batman! 
Building Consensus through eDemocracy in Gotham City



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eDemocracy Webinar Series - Social

Webinar Summary 

1:24 - Introductions by Meagan and Sabrina & Land Acknowledgements  
5:06 - Sabrina explores feedback gathered via webinar registrations regarding what folks find frustrating about the present state of democracy.

6:15 - Meagan gives a brief explanation of Ethelo, and what sets it apart from other engagement solutions.  

10:20 - Sabrina delves into what the eDemocracy Network, how we're building it, and why we need you to be part of it. Join the eDemocracy Network, Today!
"The vast majority of us have smartphones in our pockets, have access to the Internet, so bringing democracy online would be a huge step in the right direction in terms of making sure more people are able to get involved and have their voices heard."
12:23 - Meagan explores the question of What is eDemocracy?
16:14 - Meagan explores what a Carbon Budget is, and Sabrina discusses why they're especially important today. They discuss the case study of Salt Spring Island, who built a fully supported Climate Action Plan with their entire community using Ethelo. 

23:30 - Meagan discusses what Batman's doing in our Climate Action Engagement.

25:09 - Moderated Group Discussion, plus Q&A.
"This was a really fun way to kind of do something that I have never really done before… If you’re doing this in real life, it can be a lot more onerous, whereas doing it in an online platform makes it more accessible for a lot of people because you can do it on your own time and carefully read through everything you want to make those decisions." - Sarah 

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