How Salt Spring Island Led Climate Engagement Amidst Pandemic


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Webinar Summary

2:10 - host Andrea Reimer about the context of the eDemocracy Webinar series: “We heard very strongly that climate and climate consultation was a really big issue for local governments right now,” and how people are becoming more open to being re-engaged on these issues. 
5:20 - First interactive polling question: How successful do you feel your community has been at reaching its greenhouse gas reduction targets?
Next, an introduction to Gary Holman, Salt Spring Island’s Electoral Area Director. 
7:05 - Gary Holman gives context about the Salt Spring Island community, its unique governance structures, and the story of the Climate Action Plan 2.0 planning process.
14:05 - Second interactive polling question: What is the hardest part of building consensus around specific climate solutions in your community and those of you in local government? Next, Andrea Reimer reads Tarah Stafford and Ben West’s bios, co-directors of eDemocracy Solutions. 
18:52 - Ben and Tarah present their ‘lessons learned’ from before, during, and after the Salt Spring Climate Action Plan public engagement process. 
25:47 - They discuss micro-targeted communication strategies that let them go beyond the ‘usual suspects’ and bring in more participants, as well as how the plan had to adjust after COVID hit. 
34:59 - Ben walks through the Ethelo platform, which hosted the climate planning process. 
36:14 - Ben goes through the overall results of the process and some last tips to share.
44:39 - Q&A: How did the speakers engage local Indigenous communities and NGOs into the process? Gary Holman also discusses how the survey revealed opportunities for connecting community members to existing resources and incentives. 
50:27 - What was the purpose of the difficulty scores, and how were they decided?
56:31 - How was the process paid for? 
59:24 - Closing notes. 

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