Three Powerful Solutions to Achieve Budget Consensus

If you work at a local government, you probably know how challenging it can be to align internal departments and also get buy-in from the public when making budget decisions.


  • Real-time results: discover how to save money, time and resources while coming out with actionable results you can present to council.
  • The Balanced Budget tool: for higher completion rates and building consensus.
  • Participatory Budgeting: growing trend. Involve residents in a transparent, democratic process of allocating a small part of your budget.
  • Capital Projects: Whether you need internal alignment or social license for moving your projects forward, you'll see how Ethelo and Citizen Budget can make your life easier and reduce public push back.

We hosted this webinar live on Thursday, February 20th, but it's not too late for you to get all its benefits! You will have access to the replay and resources by filling out this form.


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What is Ethelo's Citizen Budget?

The Citizen Budget online budget simulator is a powerful tool that helps municipalities align stakeholders and assess resident satisfaction with current service levels. It builds better community relations, educates residents and solicits their feedback on budget consultations.

Meet our Hosts 

Bradley Roulston

Bradley Roulston

A community builder with a background in finance. Bradley enjoys discussing the various ways local governments can use technology to educate the public and align them behind meaningful action. Building trust between municipal staff, council, and their residents.

Meagan Blandizzi

Meagan Blandizzi

Meagan is a Local Government Liaison at eDemocracy Solutions, and spends her days connecting with communities across Canada. She loves discussing challenges, and problem solving with municipal representatives as they work towards their budgeting goals, and strive to create more livable, sustainable, and engaged communities.

Andrea De Ascó

Andrea De Asco

Andrea leads Communications and Outreach at eDemocracy Solutions. She is devoted to using digital tools to reach out to people to create awareness and motivate them to take action to solve some of our world's biggest issues.

Why you should attend

In this session, you will learn about three online tools that are helping local governments align internal stakeholders and engage the public, empowering them to develop highly-supported budget plans and build healthier, stronger communities.

Align internal stakeholders

Learn how to align internal stakeholders

It is not always easy to move projects forward when there are numerous departmental stakeholders involved. We are going to unveil the best ways to make better internal decisions, faster.

Social License

Discover how to obtain social license 

Involving the public has a variety of benefits, such as assessing resident satisfaction, providing perspective into the difficult decisions that councils face, and informing and increasing awareness surrounding the city’s budgeting process.

Insights and best practices

Get insights and best practices

Over one hundred cities have benefited from using the Citizen Budget tool. Get motivated with insights from a diverse array of budgeting case studies which will explore the cutting edge of public and stakeholder engagements.

Join the conversation

And get all your questions answered  in real-time.


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