Three Powerful Solutions to Achieve Budget Consensus

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Webinar Summary

00:00:00 Pre-webinar introductions

00:02:02 Bradley gives an overview of what we'll cover

00:03:41 What is Ethelo and Citizen Budget?

00:09:43 Municipal Budgeting example: video and discussion: how to get community buy-in around increasing taxes

00:26:45 Participatory Budgeting: example and discussion: how to establish a budget that seems fair across an amalgamated community

00:35:42 Capital Projects: Park design example 

00:41:42 Bonus – Budget prioritization case study and discussion how do we know how to fund the right things? 

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00:49:56 How do we communicate budget deliberations positively with the community and media? - Check out to our last webinar for more tips!

00:54:14 Our city culture hasn't been around such open transparency. Can you give any tips to help move the culture? 

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