Top Ten Questions About Carbon Budgets and Public Engagement

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Webinar Summary

  • Pre-webinar conversation:

    • Share your favourite coffee mug!

    • Ben's mug reminds him of when he stayed at the Wya point resort

    • Land acknowledgement
    • Speaker Introductions 

  • Top 10 questions:

  1. 00:12:40 What is a carbon budget? How does it relate to a GHG reduction strategy? 
  2. 00:16:42 What is eDemocracy and how is it different from a survey or a poll? And what is Ethelo?
  3. 00:22:10 Given the limited power of municipal governments why focus on local solutions? And what can community members do?
  4. 00:27:21 How do we make public consultations sexier? And how do we attract more people to participate from a broad cross section of sub communities? 
  5. 00:38:12 How do you support foreign languages in your process?
  6. 00:42:55 How often and where should you consult people in person and how do incorporate the feedback into your process? 
  7. 00:47:48 Should we include… food, travel, carbon taxes, new renewable energy projects?
  8. 00:53:53 How can we best incorporate equity and ethical considerations into public engagement?
  9. 00:57:26 How can we fund GHG reduction strategies? What options do small communities have?
  10. 01:00:51 How do you deal with climate change “deniers” and “trolls” and how does a community know if they have social license? 
    • Project Neutral is a great tool to address individual effects in climate change

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